HSI 27047.57 296.65 (1.08%)   HSCEI 10693.65 107.77 (1.00%)   HS Red-chip 4210.56 44.84 (1.05%)  
Listed IPOs
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Listed IPOs
Date of ListingCode NameLot SizesOffering Price
2017/08/1102863Golden Faith Group Holdings Limited3,0000.860
2017/08/0901693BGMC International Limited4,0000.700
2017/07/2708142Tak Lee Machinery Holdings Limited10,0000.440
2017/07/2108152M&L Holdings Group Limited10,0000.470
2017/07/2108073China Singyes New Materials Holdings Limited4,0001.000
2017/07/2102203Top Dynamic International Holdings Ltd.10,000N/A
2017/07/2103848Wealthy Way Group Limited1,0005.560
2017/07/2108471Reach New Holdings Limited10,0000.300
2017/07/2008465Transtech Optelecom Science Holdings Limited2,0001.680
2017/07/1901216Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd.-H shares1,0002.450
2017/07/1908427SK Target Group Limited8,0000.280
2017/07/1801649Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Co., Ltd.-H shares2,0001.600
2017/07/1808472Lapco Holdings Limited5,0000.500
2017/07/1801676China Shenghai Food Holdings Company Limited4,0000.660
2017/07/1808291Wan Cheng Metal Packaging Company Limited5,0000.650
2017/07/1800735China Power Clean Energy Development Company Limited500N/A
2017/07/1708481Shenglong Splendecor International Limited5,0000.680
2017/07/1700994Win Win Way Construction Holdings Ltd.4,0000.860
2017/07/1708462Omnibridge Holdings Limited5,0000.450
2017/07/1408257Genes Tech Group Holdings Company Limited10,0000.220
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PING AN(02318) 60.200 1.432%
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Hong Kong Stock
Overseas Stock
HK Indexes
HSI 27047.57 296.65
HSCEI 10693.65 107.77
HS Red-chip 4210.56 44.84
GEM 266.91 0.82
HSI FIN 36482.09 414.83
HSI PROP 36957.35 236.01
HSI UTI 56359.29 2381.67
HSI COM&IND 16330.55 118.15
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World Indexes
DJIA 21750.73 274.14
S & P 500 2430.01 38.10
NIKKEI225 19470.41 232.22
SSE A 3423.22 0.29
SSE B 337.54 0.66
Taiwan 10321.33 48.04
Korea 2358.37 3.30
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