HSI 28539.66 14.22 (0.05%)   HSCEI 10704.26 42.19 (0.39%)   HS Red-chip 4307.43 4.48 (0.10%)  
Listed IPOs
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Listed IPOs
Date of ListingCode NameLot SizesOffering Price
2018/07/1608540Victory Securities (Holdings) Company Limited2,0001.250
2018/07/1601715Miji International Holdings Limited10,0000.300
2018/07/1608606Kinetix Systems Holdings Limited10,0000.300
2018/07/1601721FSM Holdings Limited5,0000.530
2018/07/1601968Hingtex Holdings Limited4,0001.120
2018/07/130205151 Credit Card Inc.5008.500
2018/07/1301775BExcellent Group Holdings Limited4,0001.080
2018/07/1301731Prosperous Industrial (Holdings) Limited4,0000.890
2018/07/1201773Tianli Education International Holdings Limited1,0002.660
2018/07/1208219Hanvey Group Holdings Limited10,0000.250
2018/07/1201760Intron Technology Holdings Limited1,0002.900
2018/07/1201996Redsun Properties Group Limited1,0002.280
2018/07/1206860FingerTango Inc.1,0002.070
2018/07/1201739Qeeka Home (Cayman) Inc.5004.850
2018/07/1203700Inke Limited1,0003.850
2018/07/1208140BOSA Technology Holdings Limited10,0000.300
2018/07/1101652Fusen Pharmaceutical Company Limited1,0002.080
2018/07/1101746Man Shun Group (Holdings) Limited4,0000.520
2018/07/1008502Ocean Line Port Development Limited8,0000.380
2018/07/1006190Bank of Jiujiang Co., Ltd.-H shares20010.600
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HSI 28539.66 14.22
HSCEI 10704.26 42.19
HS Red-chip 4307.43 4.48
GEM 215.48 3.85
HSI FIN 38531.09 2.50
HSI PROP 38439.58 226.44
HSI UTI 57342.65 378.20
HSI COM&IND 17355.56 40.14
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World Indexes
SSE A 2947.06 17.96
SSE B 290.94 1.67
Korea 2301.99 8.91
ASX All Ord 6326.70 0.00
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