HSI 30418.33 290.11 (0.94%)   HSCEI 12054.23 185.61 (1.52%)   HS Red-chip 4438.61 48.54 (1.08%)  
Margin Call Arrangement
Margin Requirement
The Client agrees to provide and maintain with PACSHK at all time, with or without demand,
  such Collateral and/or such collateral, guarantees and other security to the Margin Account
  in such form and amount and on such terms as PACSHK may in its absolute discretion
  require from time to time (the "Margin Requirement").
Margin Requirement Notification
Notification will be delivered to the client by
  - Postal;
  - Email; and/or
  - Telephone.
Margin Requirement Satisfaction
Margin requirement shall be met by either:
  - fund deposit equivalent to the required margin shortfall
  - deposit additional recognized marginable financial assets
  - offset the margin shortfall by liquidating the financial assets holding
Forced Liquidation
The margin requirement should be met within one business day upon noticification, failure
  in meeting the requirement may be subject to the force liquidation in financial assets without
  the client’s consent.
Ping An Stock Price
PING AN(02318) 81.500 0.306%
delayed for at least 15 mins
Hong Kong Stock
Overseas Stock
HK Indexes
HSI 30418.33 290.11
HSCEI 12054.23 185.61
HS Red-chip 4438.61 48.54
GEM 247.17 1.51
HSI FIN 42051.79 263.95
HSI PROP 40131.90 418.78
HSI UTI 55125.79 186.80
HSI COM&IND 18282.27 267.76
*Quote is delayed for at least 15 mins.
World Indexes
DJIA 24462.94 201.95
S & P 500 2670.14 22.99
NIKKEI225 22162.24 28.94
SSE A 3216.70 48.04
SSE B 318.62 3.44
Taiwan 10779.38 191.84
Korea 2476.33 9.77
*Quote is delayed for at least 30-60 mins.
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