HSI 27407.37 322.71 (1.19%)   HSCEI 10741.69 184.71 (1.75%)   HS Red-chip 4392.64 93.77 (2.18%)  
Real-Time News
MEITUAN-W (03690.HK) Closes at $71.5 in Gray Market, Up... 2018-09-19
Edward Yau: Indispensable to Exchange Info with Industry on Inten... 2018-09-19
Jimmy Kwok: Sino-US Trade War Poses Huge Psychological Influence ... 2018-09-19
NWS HOLDINGS (00659.HK) Hopes to Get Approval for Bus Fare Hike S... 2018-09-19
NWS HOLDINGS: Aircraft Leasing To Eye on Internal Restructuring b... 2018-09-19
Short Selling Turnover $13.57B, or 18.5% of Eligible Securities T... 2018-09-19
CALC (01848.HK) Delivers First Aircraft Under HK's New Tax System 2018-09-19
SH-HK Connect Southbound Capital Inflows to HSBC, TENCENT, ICBC 2018-09-19
CODE AGRI Allots 70M New Shrs at 1% Premium 2018-09-19
ZTE, SIHC Enter Framework Agreement for Cooperation 2018-09-19
Eurozone Adjusted Construction Output Growth Sl... 2018-09-19
Ex-PBOC Head: CN Not Allow Mandatory Tech Transfer Despite Loopho... 2018-09-19
CHALCO Completes Issue of RMB2B Corporate Bonds 2018-09-19
PBOC To Support Private Econ. Development by Improving Financing ... 2018-09-19
CHINA UNICOM Aug 4G Net Addition Accelerates to 4.075M 2018-09-19
UK Export PPI Up 2.9% YoY in Aug, In-line 2018-09-19
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HSCEI 10741.69 184.71
HS Red-chip 4392.64 93.77
GEM 187.25 0.41
HSI FIN 37232.67 395.63
HSI PROP 37928.24 508.78
HSI UTI 58950.15 43.21
HSI COM&IND 16237.18 236.53
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