HSI 27213.41 113.35 (0.42%)   HSCEI 10513.83 34.15 (0.33%)   HS Red-chip 4036.68 11.79 (0.29%)  
Risk Disclosure
Risk of Dealing in Securities
Price The prices of securities can and does fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The price of securities may move up or down, and may even become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profits made as a result of buying and selling securities.
Liquidity The liquidity of individual securities may not be active. There is no guarantee that the client could complete the transaction in the prescribed quantity.
Product The risks implied for different type of products may vary from its inherent structure and characteristics. PACSHK suggests client to study the product nature in details and consult independent professionals where necessary.
Incident Risks may be caused by unanticipated incident that affects the dealing in securities, such as the suspension, major transaction, legal dispute and corporate action, resulting in the fluctuation of the price and liquidity.
Past Information The price and trading volume of securities reflects only the historical record, which is not indicative for future movements. The client should make the investment decision judgmentally, and consult independent professionals where necessary.
Risk of Internet Trading
Data Transmission Based on the inherent nature of Internet and implanted risk, the client shall bear the risk of any delay, loss, diversion, alteration or corruption of any message either sent to, received from or via the Internet. PACSHK will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred. PACSHK is not responsible in any manner for direct, indirect, special or consequential losses or damages arising out of the use of internet trading.
Security The client is responsible for the security of their computer system in order to prevent it from infection of computer virus or hacking, which might cause unauthorised access of the Internet Trading system.
Identification Authentication The identification code(s), password(s), login name(s) or personal identifier(s) as may be issued by PACSHK from time to time are the authentication information of client identity. The Client shall accept full responsibility for all instructions placed with the use of his Access Codes (whether authorized by the Client or not). Please notice PACSHK immediately upon losing or disclosure of the identification authentication information.
Automatic Processing The Client instruction is transmitted and executed by the automated internet trading system, which may not be subject to human review, and it may be impossible to be terminated or amended. The Client shall place investment instructions carefully.
Ping An Stock Price
PING AN(02318) 68.700 0.365%
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Hong Kong Stock
Overseas Stock
HK Indexes
HSI 27213.41 113.35
HSCEI 10513.83 34.15
HS Red-chip 4036.68 11.79
GEM 188.97 1.48
HSI FIN 37431.92 111.03
HSI PROP 36985.64 45.17
HSI UTI 58777.86 34.39
HSI COM&IND 15927.50 128.54
*Quote is delayed for at least 15 mins.
World Indexes
SSE A 2794.91 38.00
SSE B 283.14 1.77
Korea 2247.05 6.25
ASX All Ord 6426.20 13.60
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